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We all need "Time-Out" in our daily lives when we can retreat from our activities, work, families, and find a place of calm within our mind and bodies. The Calming Retreat is a business geared toward helping you take that time that is much needed for rejuvenating your mind/body/spirit. Whether in private practice or in the workplace, you can experience the benefits of Massage Therapy, Yoga Class, Meditation, general exercise and stretching, all the while learning techniques to practice to reduce stress, anxiety, and tension.Workshops are available for general relaxation techniques, teaching mindfulness, awareness, breathing exercises, concentration, focus, learning to "live to in the present moment", and have the ability to "Let Go".

Awareness of the relationship of the mind and body, and how they work together is the first step. Realizing that we need both movement in the physical body, and in mental practice will help to bring our lives to a more "balanced state". Life in balance is something we strive for on a day to day basis.

Everyone has different avenues of learning and growing throughout their lives, and sharing the information that we have with others can be helpful in fitting a piece of the puzzle that they may be searching for. It can open the door for growth, and healing. Something as simple as a smile, extending a hand or a few kind words can have profound impact on the life of another.

Now more than ever, people are beginning to realize the benefits of these alternative therapies. They are being used more commonly in the workplace, the military for rehabilitation of PTSD, (Post- Traumatic Stress Disorder), and the general public as more people are becoming educated on the effects of stress, anxiety, fears, and the need to be able to "Calm the Mind".

So if you have read this far: Simply notice how you are breathing. Is the breath shallow? If so, sit back, close your eyes, and take a few breaths, inhaling and exhaling thru the nose. Maybe close your eyes, and try to focus on how you are feeling in this moment. If you are feeling tension, you have landed on the right web-site. Let us help you learn to relax, in your mind and body!

May you have an abundance of health and wellness starting NOW!
Shanti~ (peace, calm, tranquility, or bliss)



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