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Invest in your Health and Wellness by becoming aware of and effectively dealing with your stressors. Understanding where your body holds on to tension and the many adverse effects this can have on your health is the first step to creating the journey to a healthy mind and body.
There are many healthy practices for this journey, simply put, "Breath" and "Movement" can be practiced in many forms, and I have based my studies on the ones that have made a difference for me along the way. I studied through the American Council on Exercise and became certified as a personal trainer in the year 2000. From there I moved on to continue my education in the field of Massage Therapy at the Baltimore School of Massage. Working and going to school part-time, I graduated from there in 2002. Working in the combined fields since that time, I then began to study and practice Yoga thrugh Yogafit and the American Council on Exercise. I reached my 200 + hour certification as a Yoga Instructor in April 2011 with the study of Meditation and Yoga Lean based on Healthful and Mindful eating. Learn to love yourself, from the inside out by effectively dealing with emotions that may be behind your eating habits. Women of all ages struggle with poor "body" or "self-image". We have the ability to live life in a more balanced way if we choose.

My experience of 11 years has taken me to private homes for "house calls" in both personal training and massage therapy. I have also worked at 2 established and respected day spas, 2 gyms, corporate settings and Private Home Practice. Currently my practice is Home based and corporate.

All of this study, practice and teaching have brought me the ability to help others learn to take care of themselves, and practice fitness and wellness. "Take care of yourself, Take time for yourself, and Time to Relax! You are worth it." Practice Daily!
My massage background includes Swedish, Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Nueromuscular, Thai Yoga, Hot Stone, Reiki, Reflexology, Iyengar Yoga for neck and shoulder pain, Aromatherapy, Pre and post natal. Sessions are based on the Individual needs of the client. My continuing education of the physical yoga Practice (asanas), and the study of Yoga Philosophy were also accepted by the Massage Therapy Continuing Education Board for credit. This includes seniors and children.

My experience as a certified food handler and working for 13 ½ years previously with the Giant Gourmet Prepared Food and Catering, including the "Eat for Health" program and Retail Management Training, plus a weight training background will allow me to provide you with healthy eating suggestions.

Lucia Crowder
Massage Therapist LMT
Personal Trainer ACE
Yoga Instructor 200RYT


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