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You do a wonderful job by providing massage sessions and doing much beyond that.
After I have started the massage sessions from you, it has not only helped me in reducing the physical stress but mental too by following your simple techniques of breathing. I can tell you that you are doing wonders by serving people through your services. I always look forward for massage session from you for getting recharged (Physically and Mentally).


I have had a massage for the pure pleasure of massage and when I had aches and pains from living. Each had wonderful benefits. The massage is the initial reason for visiting Lucia. The value added is being the serene space that she creates.

Kay Howard

Lucia has made such a difference in my life! I suffer from chronic back and neck pain. By seeing Lucia weekly for a massage, I have been able to eliminate taking pain killers and having to go to physical therapy every year when the pain became unbearable. Lucia's massage keeps my muscles from tightening and pinching my nerves. She has also taught me different stretches which I do daily that help keep me loose between the massages. I rarely have the intense level of pain I had prior to starting a routine of massage.


Lucia's yoga classes have helped me in many ways. I have gained strength in my arms, legs, and core. I have greatly increased my flexibility and have improved my balance. For many years I have had shoulder problems and pain. As long as I have been doing yoga with Lucia, I have had no shoulder problems nor pain. I used to have knee pain but since doing yoga, my knees are stronger and pain free. One additional benefit of yoga has been stress reduction. It's so relaxing to practice yoga for an hour, breathing and stretching all of your worries away. Thank you Lucia for introducing me to the benefits of yoga!


Hi Lucia,
I have received weekly massage from Lucia for many years, and my sister and my mom have benefitted greatly from her massage techniques. Her knowledge of Yoga and personal training is outstanding, and I feel anyone would greatly benefit from using her services. I highly recommend Lucia, whether your goal is to to build muscle, concentration, and balance, or perhaps decrease stress while working on relaxation. Her broad knowledge can help you to achieve your goals. Why wait?



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